HOLA (Heart of Los Angeles)

HOLA (Heart of Los Angeles)

This Latinx Heritage Month, LADOT highlighted some of our community partners that not only amplify the voices and needs of our Latinx community in Los Angeles, but work alongside LADOT as partners to bring equitable transportation opportunities to our most vulnerable communities.

HOLA partnered with LADOT this summer to create a “Traffic Turtle” installation that used 100 neon green mascots with signs. The signs read “Speed Kills / La Velocidad Mata / Slow Down / Desacelere / Save a Life / Salve Una Vida,” reminding drivers to slow down at the Intersection of Wilshire Blvd & Park View St near MacArthur Park. The installation also featured community art and live performances to promote safe driving and help pedestrians cross the street.

Working together with community partners such as HOLA is crucial to identifying transportation safety needs in impacted neighborhoods. “We want our families and our students to have access to schools, libraries, hospitals, and grocery stores all over LA.” says HOLA. “We're proud to partner with LADOT because for the people we serve, access to the city is paramount to their success and quality of life.”

As Latinx Heritage Month comes to a close, LADOT celebrates our partnerships with Latinx community-based organizations for their contributions to Moving Los Angeles Forward.